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Celestial Equine is a browser-based fantasy equine SIM for all ages! Basic game-play is completely free, but upgraded features are available in our special Cash Shop. Players can create their own fantasy horses, register them in clubs, compete in shows, battle, and breed to create unique genetics. Celestial Equine features 18 unique worlds, which are unlocked through game-play. Each world houses unique breeds, shops, clubs, competitions, mini games, and more! With so many interesting features, players can choose to focus on a single game-play aspect, or attempt to master multiple areas of the game! Whether a player is interested in breeding unique genetics, playing mini-games, or winning competitions, Celestial Equine users are sure to be amazed! Interested in trying out Celestial Equine for yourself? Create your own free account today and start playing today!

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    1,237 Players

    32 Upgrades

    3,672 Credits

  • 2,062 Pets

    69 Items

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My mother told me about a new game currently in beta testing. I logged into Celestial Equine and immediately fell in love. while this game is in development it is still fun to play and very unique. I can only imagine how wonderful it will be at the final release! thank you celestial equine!


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Celestial Equine is a new fantasy horse sim game.  The horses look amazing and it will have diffrent many games, kina like furvill or neopets.  The unique this of this game comes from not only the horse looks, but the fact that you have to unlock diffrent worlds to get diffrent horse.  It also is planned to allow for horse breeding, and is really visually beutifull.  

Binod Kumar Sah

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